Wednesday, May 22, 2013


"You're MEAN" said Husband! He has said that to me on more than one occasion lately! He says all I do is YELL! Well excuse me if I am less than pleased with his behavior lately! The man is gone all week long and when he comes home I expect him to be present, engaging and playing with Kalbs and Yules! The man has this unbelievable ability to fall asleep in an instant! He'll say he's tired and next thing you know, he is out cold, snoring away and deep in a REM cycle!! For Realz?? He gets uninterrupted sleep all week long... there is seriously no reason he should be taking a nap when he gets home!! He could at least wait till the kid is napping to nap! Noooooo... he'll be playing with her one second and snoring the next! He has no idea what kind of trouble the monster is getting into while he is "resting his eyes"! I'm seriously afraid to leave him alone with the kid! Grrrrr... If it's anyone that needs a nap... it's ME!!!

So perhaps I may YELL from time to time... but I have good reason to! Don't I? Well actually NO... I have no good reason to be yelling!! Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is okay to feel upset, mad, frustrated etc... but it is not okay to yell! I actually don't feel better after yelling and no one feels good after being yelled at!! When I say "yell", I don't mean that I'm freaking out and going ape crazy... but I'm not exactly being pleasant either! There are much better ways to express how you feel and get your message across!! This is sooooooo much more important now that we have Yules!! I don't want to yell at my child and I don't want my child watching me yell nor do I want her picking up that trait!

I came across this amazing blog today... and it served as a wonderful reminder at how important it is to keep emotions in check and express oneself in an appropriate manner!! I totally love this blog! It is called the Orange Rhino Challenge and written by a Mama of 4 boys that found herself constantly yelling! She challenged herself to not yell for a whole year! She is now onto year two of her challenge!! Check it out if you have time!!

Sorry for yelling and being mean!!

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