Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kim says...

I've learned that when it comes to babies... EVERYONE has an opinion and feels like they need to give you advice!! Luckily, I've learned that everyone has good intentions and just means well... therefore I just nod and smile!!

Anyways, I was telling some friends about some of the interesting things that Kim has said to me in regards to Yulli! And by interesting I mean completely WHACK!! Like so whack that it's funny!
My little monster is not anorexic skinny but she's not a giant by any means either. Kim is always so concerned that she is thin, so I must be doing something wrong!! Here are just some of the comments she has made:

1. Yulli is so thin because I don't warm up her milk! She makes it seem like I am the most evil human being in the world because I don't warm up my child's milk. It's not frozen, it's not even cold, her milk is room temperature. If my child is easy going and doesn't need it warmed up... why on earth would I need to make more work for myself?

2. Yulli is so thin because she gets too much exercise! Apparently I shouldn't put her in the Jolly Jumper too much because it's making her thin! It's a wonder that I am not morbidly obese, if Kim is against getting too much physical activity!

3. Yulli is so thin because I don't let her drink enough water! She is sooooooo dehydrated from me depriving her of water that she just can't grow!

Haha that is just a sampling of the interesting things that Kim has said to me! She seriously makes me laugh!! Anyways, here is some proof that we feed our child!!

Kim will probably say that Yulli is so thin because I didn't comb her hair!

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