Monday, May 13, 2013

Shoes = Love

My bestie and I came up with this "theory" in high school but she doesn't really remember (must be her old age haha), so I'm going to take full credit for it! I will by no means write a thesis on it, but I'll take the credit!! Haha

The theory is simple: If someone buys you shoes it means they LOVE you! Think about it... have you ever received shoes from someone that doesn't love you? Moms buy you shoes, grandmas, aunties, daughters... people who love you, buy you shoes! I'm talking about REAL shoes, not slippers or flip flops... the real and personal and intimate kind of shoes!! So if a boy buys you shoes, it means he "L"s you! Not the little "l" but the Big "L"... as in he loves you!! Whether he knows it or not, giving you shoes is a big grand gesture of LOVE!

So when Husband gave me my first pair of shoes from him, I knew he was madly head over heels in love with me!! Haha!
Naturally I wanted to feel appreciated and loved on Mother's Day, so I asked for shoes!! Husband and I are way past surprises, so I told him exactly what I wanted! I was even with him when he bought them!! Haha! The shoes are nice (of course, since I picked them out) but it was the card that accompanied them that I loved even more!!
The envelope was addressed to the 3 different me's from my 3 favourite people in the whole world! I was impressed with how it was even color coordinated!!
Inside was a card that contained a message from each of them! I'm sure Husband was probably just being frugal and didn't want to buy 3 different cards, but I thought it was super cute!!

I think Husband's attempt at making little paw prints on behalf of Kalbs is my favourite part!! Haha!!

I felt very loved this weekend and hope that all of you did too!! And think twice next time someone gives you shoes!! LOL!

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