Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have zero, zippo, nada, nothing for yah...

Hiyah Pals!

Want to know one of things that super annoys me? Well regardless if you want to know or not, I'm going to tell you! I'll assume you want to know since you are creeping around here!

As part of my daily routines, I have a list of blogs that I check each day! I love checking what's on sale on the coupon blogs, I love creeping on the other moms and seeing what they have been up to, I love getting inspired by the decorating blogs... What I don't love is when there has been NO activity on the blog! It super annoys me when nothing has been blogged!! Sooooo annoying! There are a few blogs that I love, where if I'm lucky they may blog a couple times a day and then there may be week long dry spells!! Haha that doesn't remind me of anyone I know at all!! Must be a karma thing for holding out on you guys!

Truth is I have zero, zippo, nada, nothing to write about! I've been pretty uninspired lately! So now I have to resort to writing about how I have nothing to write about to entertain you guys! Haha oh dear, this blog is going no where fast!! Anyways, to make up for having nothing of interest or value to write about, I'll share one of my favorite blogs with you!

The blog is called TheBooandTheBoy. She's a Canadian Mama, that blogs regularly and consistently! She won't be MIA like me all the time! What I like about her blog is that most of the time she just posts lots and lots of pictures. The pictures are mostly of kid rooms and on Friday's she posts fashion pics! She occasionally shares personal stories too!

You can creep over there while I figure things out over here!


  1. hahahaha! I'm glad I hassled you yesterday!! Now I have a new blog to read!

  2. Check this one out, it will be a reg read!!!

    1. Haha Holly from inthefunlane is one of the inconsistent blogs that I was referring to! I love her blog... but she drives me crazy when she is MIA!

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