Friday, March 27, 2015

Wheat Grass Con't...

Here is an extension activity to our wheat grass.
I wanted Yules to document her learning by drawing a picture of what we did.
We started by observing the wheat grass and talking about what it looked like. I asked Yules what was the first thing we added and what it looked like. She decided that she wanted to use a black crayon to draw the soil. I drew the cup and she added the soil.

Next we talked about the seeds and how they looked like tiny little circles and sat right on top of the soil. I suggested maybe using orange or brown or yellow to draw the seeds. She chose brown.

Then I asked her what grew out of the seeds and how did it look. She said the grass was tall and green and I pointed out that it was very straight.

Lastly, we talked about how we took care of the grass and helped them grow by watering it everyday. So she added water to her drawing.
 Super easy and a great follow up to our activity!