Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring branches!

There's this fabulous little home decor store downtown called Chintz and Company. It's literally stuffed with treasures from top to bottom. It is definitely a  NO kid zone... Heck it's a  NO giant mom bag zone as well... I'm deathly afraid of swinging my bag the wrong way and knocking something over. A friend mentioned that she was having no luck looking for some faux floral and I suggested checking out Chintzies, so we made a date of it. They have a whole section in the store devoted to faux floral and you could totally spend hours exploring in there... Which we did! I found some lovely faux aspen branches that I fell in love with. They are so simple and chic and I was so impressed with how realistic they looked, so I had to have them. They were regularly $25each.... Oooooomygawshhh faux floral doesn't come cheap... But they were on sale for $6.... Score! They look like I just clipped off a couple branches from our aspen trees outside! I love love love them!

Yules likes the new branches too... But that may be because I keep talking about them haha. So we looked at the branches and talked about the straight brown stems that looked like the Y in her name and the green leaves. Then we drew them with brown crayons and stamped on the green leaves. Haha not too shabby for an impromptu still life art lesson. 


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