Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Sprouts

It's been feeling like Spring around here... well that is until we got a massive dump of snow! Anyways, Yules and I have been in the Springy spirit and decided to grow some wheatgrass to celebrate the first day of Spring! It's been 5 years since I've last grown any and I wasn't even sure if my 5 year old seeds would even sprout. I also forgot what to do and was too lazy to look it up. So if you are planning to do this with your little monsters... Do it!... just don't do it the way I did and you will get better results!

Growing wheatgrass is super duper easy (even when you are doing it wrong) and it only takes a week. The nice thing is there are noticeable changes every single day and that keeps the little ones interested! I used red wheat-berries, which you can buy in the health food aisle at your grocery store.

Fill some vessels with potting soil... we used an old plate and some old applesauce containers. You can be as fancy or ghetto as you'd like to be! But you don't need anything really deep.

Next you will need to wash the seeds. Ideally you should soak the seeds in water for a day until they sprout... but I forgot! Oopsies!

Then you just spread a THIN layer on top of the soil. We were over excited and spread way too many and had a super thick layer! Oopsies again!

Then after that all you have to do is keep the seeds moist! Every time Yules and I walked by we just gave them a quick mist!
This is what the seeds look liked when they sprouted after one day. (This is what they should look like if you soaked them properly before you put them on top off the soil)
This is what they looked like after 2 and a half days.
And this is after 6 days.
If you plan on eating the grass or making wheat grass shots or throwing them in a smoothie, day 7 is ideal to harvest the grass before it starts to split. After that it apparently starts to taste bitter. No wheatgrass shots in this house, just decorative uses! When it starts to get long then Yules can put her scissor skills to use and give it a trim! Not too shabby for doing it wrong... we will definitely try this again!

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