Friday, March 20, 2015


My computer is slowwwwwwww, super slow! That is my excuse for not blogging! I complained to Husband and suggested that maybe it was the router or RAM or operating system or whatever other computer words I knew! Haha! So he finally took a look and did some updates and it is a tad faster! Meanwhile I have accumulated a bunch of pics in my phone of things that Yules has been doing that I wanted to share with you! But there are sooooo many that I feel overwhelmed and super lazy to share them all! So here are a few of the things that we have been up to!

Yules has been making lots of "strawberry soup" lately. Except her strawberry soup doesn't actually contain any strawberries at all. This version is using dead flowers that were on their way to the garbage. She had lots of fun plucking the petals and mixing it into her strawberry soup.

This strawberry soup has bugs and gems and rocks! Yum yum!

We attempted to make some putty recipe we saw online using corn starch and dish soap. Except, I obviously didn't read all the directions and missed the part about not using Dawn dish soap in particular because it doesn't turn out as well... guess what type of dish soap we used? Hmmmm...

Yules is also super interested in using scissors, so I encourage it and let her explore freely. This might come back and bite me in the butt when she chops part of her hair off in her so-called explorations. Haha! My only tip for scissor use with toddlers is encourage them to point their thumbs up. For some reason there is a high tendency to turn their wrists.
Noodle soup with meat!

 Dinosaur bubble bath!

We've read "If you give a moose a muffin..." what seems like a billion times... and Yules wanted to make sock puppets like the moose did... so we did! Meet Bob and Betty!

Since it seems like I am so not on top of these seasonal holiday activities, Yules and I did an egg dying activity right after Valentines day! Booyah look who's on top of things now!! Haha! We stuck stickers on eggs and colored some with crayon and dyed them in a bath of koolaid! Nothing fancy but it was fun!


Once in a while I'll whip out a piece of Costco paper and it will entertain the monster for a good while!

 I got some free coffee filters so we made butterflies. Yules quite liked this activity because she could draw whatever she wanted and then got to spray water all over and observe what happened. Then as an added bonus I showed her how it magically transformed into a butterfly when I added the clip.


We did some shaving foam painting... which led to finger painting... which led to some fun explorations... which led to body art... which led to fun times cleaning up!

Sensory bin with beans!

Added some animals the next day!

Which led to bucket singing and dancing!

For St. Patrick's day we had some green beer... haha just kidding... totally kidding don't call social services on me! We made a contact paper rainbow! Took a few days but we got er done before St. Patrick's day!

Yules has been exploring lines... straight lines, squiggly lines, zig-zags, curvy lines! Well this is what I choose to call her scribbles at least... sounds fancier haha!

Yules has been wanting pizza! Except she doesn't eat pizza! What kid doesn't like to eat pizza? So strange! So anyways, we made play dough pizza instead!

That's the pizza in the "oven"!

So that's what we've been up to around here! What have you been doing with your monsters?


  1. Oooooo! !! Great ideas!! Will copy all of them! Haha. ..except the ones that require them to draw. right now crayons are used for logs in dump trucks, writing utensil...not much. Haha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooooo! !! Great ideas!! Will copy all of them! Haha. ..except the ones that require them to draw. right now crayons are used for logs in dump trucks, writing utensil...not much. Haha. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thought I'd stop by for some ideas... so many great ones! Thank you for sharing! Some of them James isn't quite old enough for yet, but I know where to find them back when he is :) Crazy how well and simple kool-aid works to dye the eggs (though kind of scary to think of drinking the stuff...) - just wondering how much water you used to make it work so well? Oh, and which type of homemade playdough recipe do you find works best? I've seen so many, but don't know which one is best to try. Thanks again!