Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Real Water Beads

Out of sheer luck and too much time spent on FB, I was able to snag myself a whole stash of water beads! Haha perfect timing since I was just talking about it!

Yules and I had a great time watching them grow today! Simply dump them in water and watch them plump up. I think it takes a few hours for them to fully grow... Yules and I didn't stick around long enough to watch the entire process! Haha! By the time we came back a few hours later they were full grown!

Like I said before, these things last forever!! Once you're done playing with them, give them a quick rinse in a strainer to get rid of some of the gross kiddie germs! You can store them in a big ziplock or Tupperware container. If they dry out, just simply add water to rehydrate them.

They come in a tiny little pouch the size of a tea bag!

This is what they looked like right after we dumped them in the water:

After 30mins:

Full Grown (about a couple hours):

So crazy how they grew from that teeny tiny bag! And so much fun for the monster to watch them grow and of course play with afterwards!

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