Monday, June 2, 2014


I know I often talk about fine motor skills and all the things we do to work those tiny muscles... but I also care about gross motor activities just as much! It's just not as exciting to write about walking or running or going up and down stairs or throwing a ball. But today I thought I would share with you a new ride-on toy I bought for Yulli to focus on gross motor.
We've had quite a "ride" with ride-ons and it's been really hard to find the right one for her! We've been very fortunate to have great friends and family who have bought us or lent us all sorts of toys. Some ride-ons were too small, too big, difficult to move, too tall, too colorful, ran over her toes, too heavy etc. etc. It's seriously like a case of Goldilocks and the ride-on toys!! Haha!

Then one day I came across the Whirlee! BEST toy ever!! Okay maybe not best toy ever but it's a pretty darn good ride-on toy. This thing is perfectly simple in design... no bells and whistles! It's really small and super light. It is nice and low, so the monster can easily get on and off herself. It's also stackable in case you have more than one. All the wheels rotate 360 degrees, so it makes it uber simple for the little monsters to maneuver and whirl around!! And the best part is that it's not that expensive... about 20 bucks I think! We've had it for about a month and Yules still goes on it every day, so it has lasted the test of time!! Haha! My only complaint is that it doesn't come in the color gray! Haha! So if you are considering a ride-on toy for a 1-2year old, I would definitely recommend the Whirlee!

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