Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Self Portrait!!

Let me first start off by saying how much joy it brings me when I get messages informing me that you guys stole paper from Costco!! Haha! Read this post if you have no idea why I am encouraging stealing paper from Costco!!

Anyways, one day Yules was laying on one of her Costco sheets of paper, so I decided to trace her body! She thought that was pretty fun! We then proceeded to add in all the body parts and details. It was a great way for her to identify all the names of the body parts! I asked her where the eyes should go and she would show me and I would draw them in. Afterwards I would ask her to color the eyes... so again she had to identify them.
We tried to trace Kalbs beside her, but he was not having any part in this activity!! Haha! So I just drew him beside her!! Excuse my poor artistic skills Haha!

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