Friday, February 21, 2014

New Chair!

Happy Friday! It's been a Looooooooooooooooooooong week! I have a very sick baby and we've had a super FUN week! NOT!

So therefore nothing terribly exciting to report to you guys this week!  But here are some pics of a new little chair that we got for the monster! I've been wanting to get the little monster a chair of her own! Every child I know really likes these foam chairs.

They are small and light and easy to climb on and off... and also super UGLY!! The question was if I would deprive my child in the name of keeping an aesthetically pleasing equilibrium around here? And the answer was YES! Sorry Yules but there was no way I was going to buy you such an ugly chair no matter how much you liked it! I'm a terrible mother but I would probably cringe and twitch every time I looked over and saw it in the living room! Haha!  Okay it's not that bad, but just not for us! So anyways, I've been on the hunt for a little chair for Yules! There have been many occasions where I've been close to getting something like this:

Super cute but I was still hesitant! Sure the chair would look great in her room, but what if I wanted to move it around? A cute little pink chair might not look so great in the living room! Trust me, I've had a chair like this in my cart at HomeSense on more than one occasion! But always ended up putting it back because I knew it just wasn't right!
And then one day I found THE chair!! It was almost perfect! It was cute and little and had tufting and piping and it was grey!! My goodness I couldn't believe my eyes... I was in love!! There was tufting!!! Need I say more?

It was almost perfect... the legs seemed unfinished to me! But that was a quick fix and Husband came to the rescue!

I LOVE it! I wanted to get a pic of Yules sitting in it, but she's been so sick I haven't had a chance to take pics of her! Maybe next week! So anyways, this is the new furniture addition to our home! Yules will thank me in the future for not buying her one of those foam chairs! Haha!

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