Monday, February 10, 2014

Seating Solutions for little monsters!

The little kiddos in our group of close friends have multiplied and are growing like little weeds! It's come to a point (actually we've been at this point for a while now) that the little monsters need their own place to sit when they come over for dinner! I've been humming and hawing over a few different seating options for a while now... and finally decided on an idea I got from my girlfriend! This is the table we finally ended up buying!

I like it because it's a fold out table... which means I can easily whip it out anytime! It also means that it can easily be put away and doesn't have to be an eyesore taking up space in my house all the time! It's made from recycled plastic so good for the planet and super easy to wipe clean after meals or crafts! The legs of the table are also telescopic which means they can be short enough so the table is kid height and also tall enough for regular adult use as well! And as an extra bonus, it is GREY!! Haha!

Another reason it took me so long to decide on the table was because I had no idea which chairs to get to go with it! After a little searching, I found some chairs on Kijiji... and sent Husband to the scary Ghetto to pick up 6 of them (but that's a whole other story haha)! The chairs are stackable, so again they can easily be put away and not take up too much room! They were only 5 bucks each, so definitely the right price point! Only problem was they were SAD looking and in desperate need of a little a lot of TLC!

After a good clean scrub and a spray paint job courtesy of Husband, they actually look pretty cute! The monster loves sitting on her new chairs, at her new table! Yules can't wait to have dinner parties with her little friends!!

Here is a pic of the little monster enjoying a snack at her new table!

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