Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yulli's Play Loft

It's been a while since I've posted, so today I will share a special place with you! This is Yulli's second favourite place to play: Her Loft!
There was a little spot in the basement that I knew would be a great spot for a loft! Husband really wanted to put a golf simulator there, but wife always wins!! Happy Wife, Happy Life! Husband is a smart man! Anyways, I designed this loft as a play space that she can grow into and that can be transformed into anything her imagination wants it to be! I love the idea of having different levels for play. Plus, with our long cold winters, it's a perfect place to play indoors! One side has a ladder and the other is complete with a slide! The slide is super steep and super scary. The little kids and the big kids (aka mums and dads) are deathly afraid, but the in-between kids LOVE it! I considered transforming it to a rock climbing wall, but I figured Yules can grow into it. Plus she loves going down it (with help of course) so much already! Right now, we have it set up as a cozy reading spot up top, guarded by a friendly gorilla family (random, I know). My hope is that Yulli will use her imagination to turn it into an airplane or spaceship! How fun would that be? When she's older it can simply be a place where she can lay up top and read or be EMO by herself when she's mad at the world!

Under the nook is currently set up as the "classroom"! Books are one of my passions, so naturally there is a book shelf on one side! I like to change the books out seasonally. Right now we have Autumn/Thanksgiving/Halloween books displayed! This is the home of the new old desks that I shared with you a little while ago! Husband installed a giant whiteboard for the classroom. I'm not quite ready to give Yules markers, (cause I'm not crazy or dumb) so right now just magnets for learning! How cute are these wooden alphabet magnets? Speaking of wooden, did you know that ...ahem I mean Yulli LOVES wooden toys!  The other side of the classroom is for "hands-on" learning... aka FUN! Yulli loves this loft soooooooooooo much! I am super glad that I fought husband for the space and Yules can have such a special place to play! ENJOY!



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