Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sensory Play

Working in early learning, I definitely know the importance of play and sensory experiences for the kiddos. Unfortunately the Yules hasn't had a chance to have much sensory play. Why you ask? Because her mother is lazy and it usually involves a mess and me having to clean it and her! But that's a sad excuse and the Yules deserves sensory play for sure! So to make up for it, we've been milking the last few warm days of autumn and going to the park lots and letting the monster play in the sand! I think she's finally over eating sand and gets that is doesn't taste good!! haha!

I've also been wanting Husband to build her a sensory table and it was on his to-do list since Summer. Well obviously Summer has come and gone but the opportunity and need for sensory play is still here! So I gave my Dad a new project and he happily and quickly built the monster a sensory table. I bought a plastic storage container with a lid and my Dad built a frame for it! I love the idea of the storage container because you can have one for sand and another one for water. It can easily be washed and filled with other things as well like shaving cream, rice, pumpkin guts etc etc. We currently have it inside our garage, because its much too cold to play with it outside. I'm looking to get a little electric heater so she can still play with it all winter long. She can make a mess all she wants in the garage! And come Summer, it can easily be moved outside! I love that it's the perfect height for her and that it's not plastic and colourful! Haha you know how much I love colorful plastic things!! I wanted to show you all a pic of her actually playing with it, but a 1 year old on the move doesn't stay still long enough for you to take a decent picture! She LOVED playing with the water and splashing around and making a mess. And I LOVED not having to clean up the water!! Haha!

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