Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yulli's Corner Store!

Yulli's play nook got a mini reno a little while ago. We added some house numbers... 2012 in honor of her birthday! A friend suggested that it would be cute if we added a doorbell. I found a wireless doorbell at Home Depot that was perfect. Yulli never knew that it existed until her friends came over and played with it. Now all she wants to do is ring the doorbell over and over and....... over!!

We also recently turned the nook from a house to a store! Yulli loves to play with empty containers. I've been saving all sorts of containers... from snack containers to baby food tubs to lotion tubes. Husband hates having "junk" all over but the Yules loves it! Plus there is no need to buy new toys when clean, empty containers will entertain her just fine! She loves to open and close them and fill them with things and take them out!
The reason I bring this up is because, these empty containers are perfect to fill the shelves of our new store! The best ones are mini shampoo/conditioner bottles... the kind you get from hotels! They are perfect for little hands! I simply peel the labels off the containers and add my own label... pink of course. I left the labels blank so it doesn't limit her imagination as to what these little containers can be! So next time you need to entertain the kiddos, give them a box of empty containers!

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