Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yulli's Big Girl Weekend!

Little Monster had a very eventful weekend!

1.) Husband and I like to have a date night every Friday when he comes home. He eats out all week and craves a home cooked meal. I eat home food all week and just wanna go out! But I take care of the 2 monsters all week, so I win and we go out! Husband made reservations to a nice restaurant because we had an online deal voucher that I bought eons ago (actually the deal was expired almost a year ago but the original value was still valid). I was excited to finally get to use it! After I dug it up and dusted it off... we realized it was only good Monday thru Thursday!! FAIL!! We decided to eat there another time and just go somewhere close by! We ended up at Montanas!! It was really busy and the wait was super long! Who knew Montanas was such a happening place! We got tired of waiting for a table and decided to smuggle Yules into the Lounge where no minors are allowed!! We are awesome parents, I know!! So there you have it, my little Yulli is already sneaking into places... no fake ID needed!! Haha

2.)The weather was sunny and warm on Saturday, which meant it was a perfect day to be outdoors! Husband and Kalbs built Yules a tiny little snow bear! Can you tell which polar bear is Yulli?
Then I came along and thought it needed a face! Hmmm... how to add a face? I decided to use colored water in a squeezy bottle... which RUINED it!! Haha! It was a good idea in my head, it just needed better execution! If any of you need to entertain the kiddos: give them squeezy bottles or spray bottles filled with water and food coloring and then let them have at the snow outside! I swear they will love it! The kids at school loved spraying the snow rainbow colors! Anyways, we had a great time playing outside in the snow!

3.) We also decided that it was a great day for a stroll around the neighborhood! I always like to have a destination in mind when taking a walk, kinda like a prize at the end... or in our case a donut at Timmies! We ultimately ended up at Dairy Queen for a little treat! The walk was great, except for the darn people that don't shovel their sidewalks! The ice builds up and there are large groves and ruts! It seriously makes maneuvering with a stroller difficult! We have a pretty decent stroller, so I can't imagine someone trying to use a dinky little umbrella stroller! Shovel your sidewalks people!!!

4.) This weekend we finally gave up on the idea that our Yules is a tiny little baby! (Actually we kinda knew that a couple weeks ago when we went to visit a newborn baby and she looked like a GIANT!) She is seriously growing like a little weed! She is now 6 months old... can you believe it? What is she going to do now that she is a big little girl? Solids!!

Yum yum!! Makes you wanna have some rice cereal huh? Haha

Have a great week everyone!!!

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