Monday, March 25, 2013

MIA Again!!

Yes, yes, I know... I've been missing in action and haven't blogged in a really long time! I suck!! Husband keeps nagging me and asking why I haven't blogged! I wonder if he realizes that he lives here too and pretty much knows the ins and outs of what goes on around here! Or he could just ask me instead of waiting to read about it on here!! Haha

It has been SNOW SNOW and more SNOW here!! Seriously, I really wonder why we live here sometimes! It's officially Spring and it looks like mother nature didn't get the memo! This is what it has been looking like here lately:
It doesn't look too inspiring huh? Yules, Kalbs and I have been hibernating at home! Hopefully this is the last of the snow and Spring is on it's way!!
The weather was partially why I haven't blogged, but the REAL reason is...Candy Crush!!
This game is PURE EVIL... but sooooooooooo... GOOD!! I can't stop, it is super addicting! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, keep it that way!! If you play, well then you know exactly what I'm talking about!! I've lost track of all time and don't even know what day it is anymore... literally!! Pretty much when you run out of lives in the game, you have to wait a whole 30 mins for a new life, spam your facebook friends and ask for one or pay money! Thirty whole minutes for an addict jonesing to play again seems like an eternity!! Luckily (or probably unluckily) for me, the internet demons figured out that if you set your time/date ahead, then the game will think you went forward in time and magically grant you more lives!! So of course I have been changing the time and days on my phone to obtain more lives and now have no idea what time or day it really is!! I think my phone currently says it is April already!! Haha Serves me right for being a cheater... but I still can't stop!! I wonder if there has been a help group established for this...
Anyways, hopefully I'll find some inspiration in the coming days and blog about some super fabulous things for all of you soon!!

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