Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

I'm sure most of you have noticed that chalkboards are all the rage lately! Now that most schools have gotten rid of them... it seems that they are back in style! It's been a while since I've seen a chalkboard inside a classroom. They have all been replaced by whiteboards and fancy smartboards. Chalkboards are being used as a design element in different rooms ranging from tiny little chalkboard labels to a whole giant wall! This is one of those trends where less is more in my opinion! A giant chalkboard wall sounds like a cute and darling idea...IN THEORY!! If you've ever used chalk, then you know that it is MESSY!! 

This is what you imagine a beautiful chalkboard wall in a room looking like:
This is what it really looks like:
Ummm not quite the same look in my honest opinion. Some people actually like the smudgy look and think it gives a room character... but it's not really for me! 

Anyways, I've been on the hunt for a small chalkboard to use as a prop in photos of Kalbs and Yules! The internet is plastered with adorable photo ideas using a chalkboard! 

These chalkboards from etsy cost over $13 +shipping!! OMG the cheapness in me is cringing! There is no way I'm paying that for a tiny little chalkboard. For an item that is so simple and popular, they are quite difficult to find. I've searched high and low for one but with no luck. Since I couldn't find one, I knew I would have to go the DIY route. I initially planned to buy some chalkboard paint but then I accidently stumbled upon this:
I was at Superstore and saw this... it's a chalkboard wall decal! It was also on sale for about 2 bucks! SCORE! Combine this with a picture frame and ta-da you got yourself a chalkboard. I simply took the glass from the picture frame and traced, cut and slapped on the decal. Seriously the easiest project ever!

Not too shabby huh? I'm quite pleased with it and can't wait to use it in photos! Husband thought it looked good but the ampersand looked kinda weird. I thought so too... and NOW I am just realizing it's because I drew the ampersand (&) backwards!! Haha!
How will you incorporate the chalkboard trend?

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