Monday, March 4, 2013

Where on Earth is Kalbs and Yules?

Don't worry, we're still alive! You can call off the search party! If you're wondering what we've been up to... the answer is... absolutely NOTHING!! Husband has been outta town each week for work so that means I am a single mother during the week! Kalbs and Yules has been keeping out of trouble and I have been sooooooooooo bored!!

1.) I've been meaning to post the rest of our trip pictures... but I'm super lazy! Hopefully I'll get around to it... or not!! It seems like it was ages ago when we were lounging around, eating every 3 hours with no real life stresses! As nice as it is to be home, I am totally going through vacation withdrawl!! *sigh* Where should we go on our next trip? Suggestions?

2.) If any of you moms (or dads... or anyone) likes freebies.... here is one for you! I love me some deals and freebies, but don't like to post them here because most of them are time sensitive. (and as you can clearly see I am super on top of posting regularly) This one is from P&G for a free baby proofing kit! You can get it here! This is what we received in the mail.

3.) We watched a foodie show on tv a couple weeks ago and they were talking about donuts... it made me crave donuts big time! Gourmet donuts are apparently the new foodie trend this year... cupcakes are out! I not so casually mentioned that it would be nice to wake up to some donuts! This is what I saw when I woke up!
Ummm super sweet but not quite the super sweet donuts that I was majorly craving! Luckily I was able to sneak over to Timmies and pick up a Canadian Maple donut!! It totally hit the spot!!
4.) Last week we went to Olive Garden for lunch and they offered me a complimentary sample of wine! It was super sweet and tasted like juice! I again not so casually mentioned that it would be nice if Husband bought me some of that! This is what I saw in the fridge when I woke up Monday morning!
If you like super sweet juice like wine, I would recommend a Moscato! I don't think Husband realized that I would be watching his precious children while guzzling the stuff! I know, I know I am so mother of the year!! Hehe
So this week, I was super excited to see what Husband would leave for me.
Do you see it? Look carefully! Yup that's right, it is a picture of NOTHING!! Husband left me nothing this week! So much for these love notes being a trend!! Haha
Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Aww, that's super sweet of Alan to leave the notes and little treats for you! I guess it makes up for him being away (kinda)!

    Play date sometime soon??

  2. Alan should get you a donut from Modern Jelly Donuts, since he's in Calgary. I hear they're amazing, and they have very cool flavours.