Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The NEW brown-bag

Okay, so even though I am seriously dying with the flu... I missed you guys and I'm sure you are missing your dose of me too! So here is a mini little post!
I wanted to share these super cute bento lunch boxes that I got! Husband is currently working in town and brown bagging it... something new for both of us! I thought I would play the part of a good, diligent and domestic house wife and make his lunch for him! So of course I needed something cute to put it in!
How cute are these containers? I love all the different sections and how it all snaps neatly together! Now tell me, what grown man wouldn't want to eat lunch with plastic cutlery adorned with hearts?? Haha are all the other boys going to be jealous their wives don't pack them cute lunches or is Husband so getting beat-up at recess?

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