Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Baldie

We gave Yules her very first hair cut! She has quite a bit of hair which makes it even more apparent that she is missing a few patches in certain areas. She is a baby with crazy hair that sticks up at the back and a major receding hairline in the front. Husband always jokes that she looks like Richard Simmons. Not a good look for anyone... even him! She now has a mini arsenal of hats and hair accessories to conceal her baldness. We've also tried combing her hair all which ways to cover up the baldness, but it just ends up making her look like she has a bad comb-over, kinda like Donald Trump. My parents keep telling me that if we give her a trim then it will stimulate hair growth. They compared it to mowing the grass for a healthy lawn. At this point, I was willing to try anything so my baby doesn't look like The Donald!
Husband noticed that the cover thing said Vidal Sassoon... I sure hope he has the solution! (hehe you see what I did there...get it... anyways...I'm so cool!) Here is a shameless shout out to Vidal! Yules is very open to sponsorship or some free products! Just saying!

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