Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cheapy Contemporary Ceramics

***Okay here is one post before I go off the radar for a while! Wanted to add a few more pics but like I said Blogger hates me!***

This project is an oldie... but I was just telling a girlfriend about it the other day and she thought it was a goodie, so I thought I would share it with all of you too!
Husband discovered how much he loved to spray paint stuff after I got him to spray paint something (forget what). He was itching to spray paint again so I had to make up stuff for him to paint! I found some UGLY ceramic owls at good old Dollarama, but I knew they had potential! All they needed was a shiny coat of spray paint and they would instantly look like something from Indigo or Urban Barn. We decided to paint them white but you can paint them any color. They key is to paint it all ONE color if you wish to have the contemporary look.
I wish I had a BEFORE pic, but I don't. So I did some googling to see if a pic existed out there in the Internet world... and low and behold there is a pic! Not only is there a pic of the owl... someone else had the great idea of painting them too! I guess I am not so brilliant as I thought!! haha Here is her BEFORE:
There were some weird tree bark wood wing thingies that she riped off... I decided to keep them for a little bit of a rustic look! She decided to paint her owl glossy blue! Looks good doesn't it?

Here are our owls in white!!

That kicked off a spray painting frenzy! Husband wanted to spray paint everything... so I bought lots of random things for him to paint! But the owls are definitely my favourite! I can't wait for summer to come so we can hit up garage sales and see what goodies we can find to spray paint!

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