Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yulli People

I've been loving Yulli's drawings of people lately!! They are super adorable and creepy all in one! Totally love it!!

This one is of her family! Those are "buttons" in case you were wondering! Lol

 This is the "monkey" baby inside her aunties belly!! Not creepy at all =P

 These are some thank-you cards she made for her Chinese school teachers!

 This is an aunty... I have no idea which one! She just learned how to draw hearts and suns, so those are usually included in her drawings!

This is her cousin Eric. He is wearing a belt and a "boy" headband... "because boys can wear headbands too"!

This is me and the Kalbster!! And of course hearts and the sun!

Me again!!

Will you look at that... it's me again! Check out my fancy long lashes and teeth and even a tongue!

This one is of her cousin Kayla, walking her dog Sparky (green blob) and I think that's a castle in the background!

This is The Hunchback of Notre-damn ME again! Haha! I have a lovely flower headband and a polka-dot shirt! I also have giant hands and feet with lots of fingers and toes! But check out how skinny my arms and legs are!! Haha!

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