Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Duct tape to the rescue!

Yules has the Ikea Latt table and chair set downstairs in her nook. We painted it grey (of course) when we first got it! Somehow it got a big crack in one of the seats... I'm thinking an adult or big kid may have stood on it. So note to self, don't stand on it if you have one! It was totally still useable just a big eyesore! Anyways, what I'm getting at is that I finally addressed the problem! Yay me!

First I duct taped the crack on both sides... hahah problem solved!! Then I used an exacto knife and "beveled" (aka shaved off) the entire edge of the seat.

Next I added a little batting and leftover fabric and "upholstered" the seat, securing it with duct tape!! Haha soooooo ghetto! Then I slid the whole thing back together and voila, Yules now has cute upholstered chairs (just don't look at the bottom haha)!!!

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