Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paints

Crayola Color Wonder products... Hate or Love?
YES these are the super cool things that moms talk about!! Haha! Some moms love them and some not so much! I don't care so much for the markers but I am in love with the Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paint!! Yules was lucky to get them from a friend and I love them!

What happens when you give a kid a bunch of different paint colors to explore with? You usually end up with a mess and different shades of brown!! That's probably the main reason I love these paints so much. I can give Yules a brush (she's not too into using her fingers) and she is able to use it in all the colors and they don't get too mucked up! You also only need a little bit. I actually just put a little bit of paint on each lid and give that to her. 
A couple things that I don't like is that it takes about a second for the color to appear on the paper. And one second may not seem long, but it is totally long enough for a toddler not to make that connection or to get uninterested! Also the paints are all clear, so again difficult for them to make those color connections! Oh and you also need to buy the special paper. But I think the vibrant colors and minimal mess still make this product a winner in my eyes! Great beginner paint for the little ones!

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