Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring + Easter Activity

I wanted to do a non-bunny-not-too-craft-like Easter art activity with Yules.... but there aren't too many good ones out there... so I made up this one. Actually I made this one up a couple years ago and did it with the school kids, but it still works for her age level. I like it because it's not too "crafty" and still a little open-ended, which gives her some creative control. It's also great for fine motor practice, which is awesome! But most importantly, it gives me an opportunity to talk about what Easter is really all about... not bunnies!! And you also end up with something that looks half decent! Oh yah, did I mention that it is super EASY too!!

All you need are a couple foam floral blocks, toothpicks and some faux flowers. I had most of this stuff kickin' around but you can find it all on the cheap at the Dollarstore!

Attach the floral blocks together with toothpicks. You can hot glue them together if you want it to be more sturdy and last a little longer. I didn't because we will probably dismantle it after and use the pieces for another activity!

Give your monster some faux flowers and let them go to town. I cut the stems down quite short which makes it a lot easier for their little hands to hold and push in. I showed Yules how to stick the first one in and then she got to work. Occasionally I moved away a few petals to show her an empty spot, but other than that she did it all by herself.

Here is the finished product!

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