Saturday, April 19, 2014


I have yet to meet a kid that doesn't like bubbles! Yules is obsessed with bubbles! Bubbles is also one of the few words she can actually say!

One of my super mom friends (actually ALL of my mom friends are super moms... but this lady is extra super) told me about Gymboree Bubbles! Who even knew Gymboree sold bubbles? Well they do and their bubble solution is pretty spectacular! This stuff comes with a crazy wand that blows a gazillion bubbles and the bubbles last forever before they pop. You also only need a tiny little bit! The monsters can even catch them without them popping! These bubbles are crazy mutant bubbles that are super amazing! But be forewarned, these super awesome bubbles also cost an arm and a leg... so they are only "sometimes bubbles"!! Haha!

"Sometime" happened to be today! Husband was going to clean the floors today, so why not get them dirty before he cleans them! These amazing bubbles leave an icky soapy film wherever they land... so it's best to play with them outside or right before mopping the floors!
These bad boy bubbles were still lingering around half an hour later! Eeek!

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