Friday, August 16, 2013

Merry Christmas to me...

Today was like Christmas! My dear ol' friend dropped off a giant package of flyers for me today! You know you have good friends when they go out of their way to deliver flyers to your doorstep!! I LOVE flyers!! Unfortunately, the flyer peeps don't like me and don't deliver to my house (even though I've requested it twice... but I'll save that rant for another time)! I know you can look at flyers online but there is something so satisfying about flipping through real tangible pages! That's why I'll never convert to e-readers... I'm a book kinda gal for sure! Anyways, there was something special in this week's stack... the NEW IKEA catalogue!! There was also $70 bucks tucked inside the Ikea catalogue... but that's an unrelated story! I was honestly more excited about the catalogue!! Merry Christmas to me!! Husband was on babysitting duty the moment he got home so I could happily flip through the catalogue! There was a couple little things in there that got me all excited!!

The first is this:

EEEK It's mini Ikea doll house furniture!! How frickin adorbs is that? Yules needs a dollhouse STAT so I can go and buy that!!

The second is this:

It's a cardboard market stall that can be a lemonade stand, puppet theater, ANYTHING!! Seriously you can get a bazillion hours of dramatic play out of that thing!! And the best part is the price! At $12.99... you seriously can't go wrong! Once you're done with it, it can just be recycled. You don't have to worry about a giant play station taking up room in your house!! So good! I am sooooo getting that!

The other things that caught my eye were metal trolley carts. They actually have a few different styles. These would be so handy as toy storage or for arts and crafts or really anything! Besides being stylish, the best part is the wheels. You can totally just roll it away into the closet when company comes over and voila, just like that all your crap is hidden!

I'm totally feeling the cute turquoise one as toy storage for Yules! I wonder if it comes in pink? Anything catch your eye in the catalogue?

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