Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Boo on you Ikea!

My rant of the day is courtesy of Ikea!
Yesterday I needed to make an Ikea run. I bought some curtain rod holders and assumed there would be 2 in a package. Rule #1, never assume. Why on earth would someone need only 1 curtain rod holder? Anyways, I checked the website to see if there was any other good deals... and there WAS!!
I have been eyeing this ladder for the library wall in our office since before we even had a library wall. It was never priority or important, just a would be nice kinda decorative thing. It is regularly $50 and now on sale for $19... sounds like a deal I couldn't say no to. So I drag this one piece giant ladder home... which was a pain in the butt because I don't have a giant car. Of all the things in Ikea that didn't need assembly... really? I set it against the bookshelf and am quite pleased with how it looks!
I am no longer annoyed with the single-curtain-rod-holder-per-package or the one-piece-no-assembly ladder that I squeezed into my small car. I was happy with my new library ladder and all was good in the world.... UNTIL... today!! I went to the Ikea website again (forget why) and saw that the frickin ladder that I just bought the day before was on sale AGAIN!! For realz? That is one of my biggest pet peeves!! My new ladder just so happened to be the one day Wacky Wednesday deal, now on sale for $15. Grrrr..... but really it's only $4. Four dollars isn't a lot of money but it's the principle really! Is $4 really worth me driving all the way to Ikea for? Gas probably costs more than that! So I make peace with the fact that I wasted $4, four dollars that I could have spent on a fancy latte. BOO, but whatevs I was at peace with it... UNTIL... NOW!! I just checked the Ikea website again because I wanted to find a pic of the ladder for you guys and guess what? It is now on sale for $5? What the heck? I'm seriously gonna punch someone!!! That is now $14, which means a fancy latte for me and 2 friends and maybe even a cookie!! I am not pleased at all!! This might be worth taking a drive to Ikea and making a stink tomorrow! Hhhrrrummppppphhh!!!!
Ps. If someone needs a ladder, that's one steal of a deal... or maybe the next day it might only be $1 or free. Grrrrrr....


  1. That is super annoying!

  2. Hahaha! Now I know what you were talking about! That sucks!

  3. hahahahaha "gonna punch someone" oh Mary I love you and this blog. And i love that you think in units of lattes and cookies.

    Hey, whenever I face that very issue I think, "but my TIME is money." and then it's easier to let go of the x amount of dollars. ha! plus you got your a day earlier....

    (and if you ever need a big car, guess who drives a minivan)