Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where the wild things grow...

Our landscaping is on our to-do list and we most likely won't get to it till next year! This is what our back yard currently looks like!
It is filled with lots and lots of weeds, daisies and wild flowers!! Pretty typical for an unfinished backyard... EXCEPT....... for the fact that it seems that these wild things only like to grow on our property!! You can clearly see that they don't like our neighbors on either side!!

The weeds pretty much flourish right up to the property line and then just STOP!! What on Earth?!!!?? I highly doubt that both our neighbours are spraying crazy copious amounts of weed killer!! For realz? How is this even possible? I suspect it must be all the fertilizing action of all the rabbit poo left behind by all the bunnies I fed all winter long!! Hahaha!!

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