Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Spring Chicken

Ok, so I'm at a point in my life where I'm unsure if I am considered young or old? When I was younger... anyone that didn't live with their parents, finished school, had a job, was married with kids... was totally an old person!
My body is also unsure if I'm young or old! The acne planets growing on my face tells me I'm young! (Why is this still happening btw?) And then the regularly occurring hot flashes I get make me feel menopausal!! Or maybe a hormonal imbalance means I'm still young! The only part of my body that has made up it's mind is my metabolism... definitely not that of a young person!! Haha!
I wonder if the younger generation considers me an old person? I like to think that I still look young and trendy! Apparently NOT! My much older sister told me that I dress like I am an old bag! I thought I was dressed very age-appropriate! Although I do often pick clothing very similar to my Mother-in-laws taste!! YIKES!! Does that mean that I psychologically think I'm an old bag therefore dress like an old person?
I like to think that I'm just as hip as the young 20somethings... until I hang out with them... and realize that I can't relate at all!! And now with an eight year old around, I really feel ancient!! The Bells put me in my place the other day and made it clear that I was indeed an old person!!
Bells and I were having a play date with some girlfriends! I was fully anticipating an Egg meltdown at some point... especially since these girls both have strong personalities. Two hours later the meltdown occurred for both of them! It started with a camera and then the two not able to agree on what game to play! They pouted and whined and complained!! Which ultimately resulted in them playing separately and "spy pics" taken of Bells. She did not like that at all and made it be known!! I tried to make her feel better about the situation by telling her that there was no film in the camera! I thought I was pretty slick since it was a digital camera, so technically I wasn't lying! I was just about to give myself a pat on the back for being so smart.... Until the Bells asks me "What's film?" Urggghhhh are you serious?? I go on to explain that film is that thing that you need to put in the camera so you can develop the pictures later. She gives me a blank stare and asks if it's that little square thing! Yes, yes it's the little square thing!! She was content with my response... but I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm referring to the memory card!! Yikes, I AM OLD!! Those kids have NO idea what film is!!
This reminded me of when I was trying to teach a spelling lesson to some Grade 2s and was trying to explain what a cassette was! Needless to say, they had no clue!!

Oh man I remember taping songs off the radio, making mixed tapes and playing it in my walkman!! Oh yah walkman... remember those? And discmans!! Oh man... I guess I have my answer... I AM AN OLD PERSON!! (btw Blogger is so young that it doesn't even recognize walkman and discman as words! Haha) Soon I'm going to go around saying things like "When I was your age..." or "Back in the day..." Oh wait... I already say things like that!!

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