Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yulli Art

The little monster has really blossomed into quite the little artist and creates something every single day! Most of the time her creations are very "abstract", which is cool but occasionally she surprises me!

This is a whale she cut, colored and created all by herself. I guess that whale watching trip during the summer (where husband almost died) was well worth it! Lol #oopsforgotthegravol

This one is a chicken! I'm not sure if she cut and glued a bunch of paper and decided it looked like a chicken or if that was her original intent. Either way, it's not too shabby of a chicken! Husband helped her add some chicken feet afterwards.

This lovely giant blondie is apparently Me! Haha!

She wrote my name "Mama" because I wasn't convinced that was me! Apparently writing my name makes it officially me!

She added herself!

Then she added Kalbster and I added his black eye!

It's so interesting how her drawings are so creepy and super cute all at the same time! Lol

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