Saturday, January 30, 2016

A crown fit for a monster!

The little monster thinks she's a princess most days... so crowns have been popular around here lately.

Yules wanted me to show her how to draw a crown, so I did. She wanted to color it rainbow and add jewels. We used this nifty spinner to decide how many jewels to add and she picked and counted them out. Then she wrote the number 5 on top. Super easy way to add some numeracy to our activity.

The monster also wanted to make a crown to wear, so we measured, cut and assembled it together. She wanted "pointy spikes", so I helped her cut out the "triangles", while pointing out the shape and proper name. Again, super easy to inject some math into our activity.

Here's another special crown that she made by taping on some colorful feathers. Haha I just noticed that we must do "crafts" a lot after gymnastics, hence the special outfits!

And here is a drawing of herself as a princess wearing a crown and probably wearing gymnastics clothes! Lol

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