Saturday, December 26, 2015

B is for birch

So once upon a time there was this lady in one of my Facebook groups that meant to type birch but I guess it autocorrected to bitch. So her post looking for a birch cabinet was super vulgar and also super hilarious. Anyways, it's totally stuck and I use the word "birch" quite a bit now because I think it's sooooo funny!
Aside from birch being my new favorite word, I'm also quite obsessed with the actual tree. So much so that it was the first tree that I picked out for our backyard. Anyways, I got my hands on some birch branches for a couple diy decor things around the house.
1. Outdoor Christmas planter
It looks pretty much similar to last year with me sticking a bunch of stuff into our planter and calling it a day but a little bit better!! Last year I used fresh greens but this year the weather was unusually warm and I was a bit worried that it might look a little sad by Christmas since I had it up at the beginning of November. So I used mostly faux greenery to make sure it would look good all season. I actually used the bottom half of a 2 piece artificial Christmas tree as the base of my planter. (I used the top half of the tree as a mini Christmas tree for Yules). Sometimes I'm such a genius I surprise myself. Anyways, this made it super full at the bottom and made everything else I jammed in there way more stable. I added the birch branches for height and then regular twiggy tree branches for texture. I finished off with random dollarstore greenery and the sparkly picks from last year. I later added some real tree trimmings that a lovely friend cut off her fresh Christmas tree for me! I love love love how it turned out!

2. Birch candles
I had quite a bit of birch left over after I trimmed the pieces I needed for my planter so I had husband make me some candle holders. All you need to do is cut the birch to size and drill a hole for the tealight candle. I made 2 arrangements with the candles. The first one is simply just placed on top off a super cute wooden charger plate. I dressed it up with some Christmas tree greens, berries and acorns!

The second arrangement was a bit more work. I envisioned a super long and thin centerpiece, which Husband had to make for me! He built a simple 3 foot long wood box out of left over fence boards that we had laying around in the garage. We painted it in grey chalkpaint and then sanded it down a bit to give it a slightly distressed look. I know, I know... who the heck am I? Wood? Distressed? I don't blog for a few months and I'm like a different person! Lol Anyways, I filled the box with Christmas garland, candles, sparkly picks, ornaments and of course the birch candle holders. I am also in love with how this turned out! Not too shabby (literally) if I do say so myself!

So there you have it my "birches"... my diy birch projects!

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