Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy (3 days after) Valentine's Day!

As you can clearly see, I am obviously super on top of things!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

These were the Valentine's that Yules gave out this year to her friends! The heart measuring cups are super adorbs and yes I'm that lady that clears shelves. The super cute label I made myself... Haha NOT, I got it from here!
We picked up these cute fans during a Walmart trip for fun. Well my intent was to train her to fan me while I laid in bed eating bon bons and watched soaps... That didn't happen, so I guess they were just for fun! LOL They came in a 6pack so I made a few into Valentines as well.

We were pretty low key this year and didn't do too much! We took Yules out to her favourite restaurant for dinner (friggin kid has a favourite restaurant... what on earth?)! She must have been pretty pleased because she surprised Husband and I with the best Valentine's present ever afterwards. She said for the very first time in real English "Love you Mama"! Oh my goodness, even my icy cold heart melted a bit! And then she said it to her Papa! He instantly melted into a giant puddle and told her she could have anything she wanted! I told her to say "LV"... she said "L zwe"... hmmm I have a feeling that is not quite the same! Ahahaha

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