Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cabin Fever!

It's been a sad, sad, sad couple of weeks around here! I have been deathly ill and pretty much confined to the house and we also dismantled Christmas! BOO so sad... therefore nothing terribly exciting to report. The monster has pretty much been keeping herself busy exploring and creating!

More Painting (stamping with cardboard tubes)

More Beading! *Side Note* Use a pipe cleaner when you are beading with the little monsters. It's easier for them to hold and the beads won't fall off. Seems like common knowledge but a lot of people actually don't know this useful tip! It will save you lots of headaches and tears!
Drawing Portraits!
This one is called "Jenny"! She's fancy because she got ears and red hair!
And this one is called "Sam Sam"! No ears!
This one is called "Mama"! She accidently got some glue in the middle of the heart and decided it looked like a nose. So she turned her lovely heart into a portrait of me! I also got ears and purple earrings!
More drawing!
And of course Party Time at the top of the stairs with Kalbs!

And what has the Kalbster been up to you ask? Snoozing away of course!

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