Monday, December 29, 2014

Chrismassy Decor

I LOVE Christmas... that's no secret... but I especially love whipping out the Christmas decorations... I guess that's no secret either! Anyways, I got a special early present this year from Husband... A NEW tree! I've been not so subtly hinting that I wanted one for the last 2 years! Yup, it takes him that long to get it and give in! We have very high ceilings in our living room begging for a super tall tree! We ended up getting a gorgeous 12 foot monstrosity! It cost a small fortune, weighs more than me, was a total pain to put up and will probably stay up all year because I dread taking it down... but I am so in love with it!
The Kalbster is my scale model so you have a reference as to how beasty this tree is! Pictures really don't do it justice, it's such a beautiful tree!
You may also notice that we finally got blinds and no longer flash the neighbours! Boo no more free shows! Haha! That means that my giant DIY wreath that I used to hang on the dining room window needed a new home! It got a new giant ribbon and has a new home above the fireplace! I quite like it there and question why I never put it there in the first place!
Here's a couple more pics of the living room, so you can see how the wreath looks up there and all the little Chrismassy touches!
As you can see I have vessels of ornaments everywhere! They are my go-to for super quick and easy but still fabulous Christmas decorating!
Not too many changes for the foyer this year, except for a new boxwood wreath that I am also in love with!
It's so deliciously simply it totally has potential to stay up all year!
I also attempted to make festive planters outside this year! We have some planters outside that aren't moving anywhere because they weigh a tonne, so I tried to utilize them the best I could! All I really did was stick a bunch of stuff in the planters, but it turned out not too shabby for my first attempt! I think that next year I would use less decorative picks, use more branches and more varieties of greens!
Okay, that's about all for Christmas décor for us! How did you decorate for the holidays this year?

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