Thursday, July 4, 2013

Public Service Announcement!!

Here is my public service announcement of the day!
You know those little spice/seasoning jars that we all have for cooking... You know how you've had them all forever... You know how it seems to last forever... NOT!!! When I went to add some Italian seasoning to my cooking, I noticed that the jar was running low and needed a refill! I looked closer and noticed something funky!! MOLD!! Yup, mold, my Italian seasoning was growing mold!!! EWWWWWW I just wanna barf!! Those things aren't supposed to go bad... but apparently they do!! So do yourselves a favour and check your spices for mold or just throw stuff out when you think that it's just way too long for food to stay good!! I tried to document the mold for you, but it was hard to take a good pic! If you look closely, you can see the fuzzy white mold! Again, BARF!! Not a fan at all!! PS. Sorry If I've fed you something laced with mold lately (or not so lately... since I have no idea how long that mold has been there)!!

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