Saturday, February 9, 2013

Monster's First Trip (Part 1)

We are finally home after a fantastic (and very different but still fantastic) trip! Here are a few snippets from our first trip with the little monster!

We wanted to bring Yules back to the our first stop was Seoul, Korea! OK ok... so Yules isn't Korean and either am I... but I like to pretend we are... and what better place to pretend then Korea!

Here is the monster super excited about the trip and living it up at the airport lounge! LOL

We were just a tad anxious if she would be a terror-bot on the plane... but the little monster didn't embarrass us and was actually really, really good! We were very pleasantly surprised! She was having a jolly ol' time laying back relaxing, reading her book, watching movies and having a drink!
Yules even took off for about an hour with the flight attendants while her parent's took a nap! Apparently she was getting a private tour of the entire airplane! (I know we are awesome parents!!... I figure if she was going to get kidnapped, they wouldn't get very far!)
Yules was a big time celebrity in Seoul. She got so much attention everywhere we went and she was loving it! (I wonder who she gets that from?) She was basking in all the attention and hamming it up left and right! She smiled and laughed at everyone that looked her way! We seriously couldn't walk more than a few steps without being stopped by people wanting to say hi to her!



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