Saturday, February 27, 2016

Igloo Continued...

So you can totally bet that after my rant about the IGLOO, I felt a need to teach Yules about igloos my way!!

So we read books about igloos, looked up pictures on the internet and learned that humans live in igloos!!

Yules painted an igloo and wrote the word igloo by herself!
We tried to build an igloo outside but we're kinda lacking in the snow department this year... so it's a bit of a sad igloo! haha

We built igloos out of legos and blocks and magnatiles and magnaformers and pretty much anything we could build with! Mine is on the left and Yulli's is on the right!

Husband and Yules even tried making an igloo inside our sensory table with snow and ice cubes!

We are definitely iglooed-out around here but I think Yules had a great time learning and exploring igloos!

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