Sunday, July 26, 2015

DIY Water Cart

I've been obsessed with making Yules a water-wall for water play! So obsessed in fact that I have not made her one for the past 2 years! Haha! But this year, I was determined to get 'er done! I spent lots of time pinteresting my options and then ultimately came up with something completely different! Instead of a wall, I decided to make my water exploration movable! I made a water-cart! The cart is from Ikea and light weight and cheap! I liked that I could easily bring it back into the garage when we were done playing. This was a super easy project that anyone can make! Everything is zip-tied on, so that it can easily go back to being a regular cart afterwards! A collection of scoops, buckets and vessels fits nicely onto the shelves!


Unfortunately, Yules doesn't think it's the coolest thing ever like I do! BOO! She is quite content with just a squeezie bottle! But this water cart was intended to grow with her... all the older kids quite like it, so in due time!

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