Friday, March 28, 2014

Water play + Dish Soap

Yules got a special treat in her water table today... soap!! Haha cheap thrills!!

Okay first here are a couple tips for water play [inside] with the littles. Only give them a little bit of water. Seriously, about an inch of water is like the best thing ever to them and it's really all they need. To keep water spilling on the floor to a minimum, give them lots of toys with holes! Think funnels, slotted spoons, strainers, colanders etc. By the time they move it away from the table, most of it will have fallen back into the table and not on the floor!

So anyways, to soup-up her water play I gave her a little sponge with a squirt of dish soap. I was fully anticipating her to wash the little cups and spoons since she always "helps" with dishwashing!


Look at that sweet little Kalbster napping away on the stairs!!

Anyways, back to water play... Yules made a different connection with the soap! She realized that soap is for washing hands... so she washed her hands!

Then she felt the need to wash her face!!


What the heck she thought... might as well wash my hair too!! Haha!

Haha I intervened before she decided to give herself a full on sponge bubble bath!! LOL

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